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Ni is a Balinese and she has worked in the travel industry since she graduated from university.

Before joining the team, Ni managed a small travel company based in Bali overseeing the marketing department. Her role propelled her to explore further, discovering not just her homeland of Indonesia, but also Alaska, the Philippines, the Himalayas, Vietnam, Iceland, and Norway. Being a nature lover, she’s drawn to the mountains and the ocean; one of her favorite destinations is the remote island of Karimun Java, Indonesia. Her favorite place to snorkel is Sumbawa Island for the crystal-clear water, pristine coral reefs, and abundance of fish.

Ni joined Lightfoot Travel last year and loves that she gets to learn about new places every day. She has added some of those new places to her bucket list, namely Bolivia, Chile, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Namibia, and Madagascar. Also high on her list is a return to the Himalayas to conquer the Great Himalayan Trail.  

Ni’s Picks

Escape: White Pass & Yukon Route, Alaska – You feel like you’ve gone back in time on this authentic train ride as it winds you through mountains, glaciers, and gorges. You also get to witness the famous Yukon River.

Favorite Destination: Indonesia – There is just so much beauty here. Going from one island to another is like going to a different country. The language, culture, architecture, and character of the people are completely unique. 

Memory: Trekking with orangutans, Sumatra – I spent two incredible days tracking the orangutans with a trekking group. I slept by the river in an open tent and the whole experience was unforgettable.

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