Coronavirus Assurance with Lightfoot Travel

Coronavirus Assurance with Lightfoot Travel

There is no question that Covid-19 has had a huge impact on each and every sector within the travel industry. When travel came to an abrupt halt in early 2020, we at Lightfoot focused on reviewing our services, adapting our processes and figuring out how to best prepare our guests for their holidays once travel became safe again. We understand how confusing the travel process currently is, and our goal is to ensure that whether you’re looking to book a trip for immediate departure or for a year or two in advance, your journey with us is smooth, hassle-free, and one that gives you the absolute confidence to embark on this new world of travel in the time of Covid-19.

The Most Flexible Booking Terms & Conditions

We fully understand that when it comes to travel these days, flexible terms and conditions are of the utmost importance. Lightfoot books holidays to dozens of countries around the world so while it’s tricky to have a single policy in place, these are the steps we’ve taken to increase the flexibility of our holidays and ensure that your money is protected:

  • A reduced deposit is required to confirm your holiday (previously 30%)*
  • Final balances are due much closer to your date of departure (previously 10 weeks prior)*
  • To the best of our ability, we are offering full refunds or postponement without charge for Covid-related cancellations
  • We aim to secure the most flexible cancellation policies from our trusted hotel partners even for non-Covid related cancellations (some allow free cancellations up to 5 days prior to arrival!)

*Lightfoot is bound by the terms and conditions of our partners around the world, but we aim to achieve the abovementioned conditions to the best of our ability

Lightfoot Jurisdictions

The Lightfoot Travel Group operates out of several jurisdictions, each with their own governing body who issue individual travel advisories. We evaluate these closely and ultimately, they determine our approach to a travel destination. To supplement this information, we have a network of in-country agents who deliver first-hand updates regarding the situation on the ground. Below are links to the regional governmental advisory bodies:

Navigating the Quarantine Maze

Are you confused by the constantly changing rules when it comes to quarantine? Let us help decipher the government websites, read the fine print, and clearly explain the most up to date rules and requirements for your chosen destination. If we think a particular country or city is too risky in terms of the threat of changing restrictions, we will suggest an alternative.

Covid-19 Testing

Presenting a negative Covid-19 test on arrival is very much par for the course these days. The team at Lightfoot will help identify testing centres near you, outline the timing needed for your test and explain the documentation needed for entry into your chosen destination. When you arrive at the airport you can rest assured that you will have all the correct papers and test results to hand, ensuring a stress-free departure. 

Health & Safety First

Is a face shield necessary or will a face mask suffice? What Covid-prevention measures does my chosen hotel have in place? Are my guides vaccinated? What happens if I’m infected whilst travelling? These are all questions, ranging from the seemingly mundane to the vitally important, that you will likely ask yourselves as travel resumes. We’re confident that our partners around the world follow the strictest health and safety methods, but we are constantly touching base, following up on their current practices, and ensuring that the people we choose to partner with have the utmost safety of our travelling guests in mind.

Value for Money

Whether it’s a two-night staycation or a month-long, multi-country adventure, value is always top of mind. At Lightfoot, we pride ourselves for being able to secure the best prices and value adds for our clients each and every time. Whether it’s recommending a client spends one extra night away in order to get two nights free, flies a day later to get that complimentary upgrade, or secures fast-track airport services to avoid lengthy queues – there are exceptional deals and additional benefits to be found, and trust us, we will find them!

The Benefits of Using a Tour Operator

During this period of uncertainty, having someone you trust looking out for you and being easily contactable is key, both for your peace of mind and for your wellbeing. Your Travel Designer will be on hand 24/7 before and during travel should anything arise. Rest assured that if your itinerary needs changing, your Travel Designer will be the one who spends hours on the phone sorting everything out. If flights are cancelled or postponed, your Travel Designer will liaise with the airline to have them rebooked. There has never been a time when attention to detail and constant care and support has been so vital to travel. Let the pros handle the work.

The Lightfoot Travel Team

We aren’t going to lie – the pandemic has been rough. The Lightfoot Team often reminisce about our jobs pre-Covid, which seem like a lifetime ago right now. But that’s not to say we’ve let our morale sink. Since early 2020 we’ve spent our time fine-tuning Lightfoot’s inventory, increasing our product knowledge and learning all there is to know about travel during Covid-19, waiting for this point in time when travel resumes. We’ve also travelled ourselves during this time and can impart our own experiences ranging from little interEurope jaunts to globe-spanning journeys. With Lightfoot it’s all about the people – our guests, our team and our partners, and we are ready to welcome you back!